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Our Promises

Tailored genderhealthccare

Our care fits itself around you

Tailored genderhealthcare

We are giving support to trans persons in which we look what is the best way to work with you. We plan together with you the appointments for your treatment at our clinic. If you want to have contact 100% online or 100% face2face or a mingle between those to uttest: we adjust ourselves to your situation as mucht as possible. Moreover, from 8 to 20 and on saturday you can reach out to us via telephone, whatsapp or our social media. Between 22 and 8 you can also call us in case of emergencies.


We are driven to deliver gender specialized care


Our organization is specialized in genderhealthcare. That means that our medical specialist are trained to help trans persons. Also our organization is run by people with knowing by heart the issues of trans persons. Our team has a high representation of the LGBTIQA community. With our team we can give you the best genderhealthcare that is needed.

Genderhealthcare network

We work closely with partners to deliver outstanding genderhealthcare

Genderhealthcare network

Genderhealthclinic specializes in the medical part of your transition. Together with genderhealthcare and later on with other Mental Healthcare or Specialized Genderteams we will help you with Genderhealthcare. Together with other medical specialized care institutes, we offer specialized care for trans persons.

A thrive for quality

Genderhealthcare works everyday hard to deliver you high Quality

A thrive for quality

You and your wishes are central point for us in providing healthcare for you. We are constant listening to the wishes of our clients and moreover working on constant improvement to provide the highest quality for trans persons. Also we are using ISO processes which are calibrated on the ZKN norms (including hygiene audits) to guide our team to achieve the maximum quality. Also our employees are encouraged to come up with improvements or signals if something needs to be improved.

Our services

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Frequently asked questions:


The affiliated insurance policies with Zilveren Kruis, CZ, Menzis, DSW and VGZ have already concluded agreements. The affiliated insurance policies with ASR and Zorg&zekerheid are based on authorisation. Below is a complete overview of the insurance policies:

When arranging your health insurance it is good to know that we have concluded agreements with the following organisations:


· Bewuzt


· United Consumers


· Univé




· Besured

· National Academic

· Promovendum



· ProLife


· Interpolis

· De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

· Zilveren Kruis ZieZo

· Zilveren Kruis



· Nationale Nederlanden

· CZ

· Just

· CZ Direct


· AnderZorg



· Menzis


· Stad Holland

· InTwente


The non-contracted insurances are:

Zorg en Zekerheid


· Zorg en Zekerheid


· De Amersfoortse

· Ditzo

· Aevitae


· PNOZorg

· VvAA

· Jaaah.

With ASR/ Ditzo and with Zorg en Zekerheid we need to have an permission (machtiging) in advance.

By 2023, we aim to have ONVZ as a contracted health insurer. ASR/Ditzo and Zorg en Zekerheid have already indicated that they will not be concluding contracts with Genderhealthcare.


Our rates are based on the NZA rates and the standard rates of the health insurers in the Netherlands. Our rates with each health insurer can be found in this overview.

We have partnerships with the following partners:

  • Genderhealthclinic
  • MK Velsen Noord
  • MC Bloemendaal
  • Facialteam

We refer to:

  • Genderteam VUmc for gender affirming operations
  • Genderteam UMCG for gender affirming operations

We can issue expert statements from October 2022. Costs for this are:

  • Clients: 65 euros
  • Non-clients: 250 Euros plus 65 Euros.

Before October this is also possible for Genderhealthcare clients only, but the costs are significantly higher (400-500 euros).

Locations of Genderhealthcare are:

Utrecht – Kaap Hoorndreef 35/ 3563AT

Groningen – Paterswoldseweg 806, Ground floor, 9728 BM

The next location(s) will be opened as of February 2023:

Rotterdam – Boompjes 40 – 3011XB

If you were treated by a former stepwork, you can contact our healthcare planners via +31 20 2442020.

If you are receiving treatment from another gender team and are having problems, you can also report this to the care planners. They will then see how they can help you further.

Genderhealthcare was founded by Luiza de Oliveira Ferraz and Catharina Anastasia Romanova van Oranje-Nassau. They are the driving force behind Genderhealthcare, and wider behind Genderness. They have gathered around them a team of health professionals, health planners and a quality officer to carry the organisation.

Genderhealthcare has managed to achieve a stable financial and organisational situation – as planned – by the beginning of April 2022. Since then, Genderhealthcare has had a stable financial situation. In addition, the Inspectorate for Health Care and Youth recently issued an inspection report in which it clearly states that it has faith in the directors and the team of professionals that they provide good care with a good organisation, or will improve on the points indicated.

Since 1rst of June 2022 there is a supervisory board consisting of two members: Ron Leenders (chair/ insurance companies/ regulations and rules) and Medi Joon-Teitink (Finance).

You login via this link on to our clientportal.

For help with Genderhealthcare, a referral from a doctor, general practitioner or medical specialist is required. Psychologists can also refer in accordance with the rules of the Mental Healthcare in the Netherlands. We prefer to receive the referral letter digitally via ZorgDomein. Our AGB code is 73736880. The letter of referral can also be sent via zorgmail to or by post to Kaap Hoorndreef 36, 3563AT in Utrecht.

Please include a brief history and also that you are referring for a suspicion of gender dysphoria.

Genderhealthcare’s waiting time is now 104 weeks The oldest registration dates from 3 January 2020 and the newest from 6 September 2022.

Because Stepwork went bankrupt and Genderhealthcare did not accept any new clients at the beginning of this year, there have been no new registrations on the waiting list in the period August to March 2022. That is 9 months. Therefore, we count on a waiting time of 104 weeks. In the coming period, we will issue more precise waiting times based on the number of people registered in certain periods.

Then log into our client portal via this link and go through all the steps. Within 10 working days you will receive the waiting list documents. After you have completed these documents and uploaded them to the Genderhealthcare client portal, we will place you on our waiting list. You will receive information about the organisation and your place on our waiting list every 3 months.

We work on the basis of a process. During the intake interviews (2-3), we determine together with you what your level of care is (based on the HONOS+). Based on this, the length of your course at Genderhealthcare is determined together with you. After that, the following healthcare processwill be followed in at least 13 sessions.

You can best reach Genderhealthcare at: by calling +31 (0) 20 2442 020, via whatsapp +31 (0) 20 2442 020 or via email:

Please contact us at with the topic: “i want to help”.

  • If you are a professional, to see all of our vacancies online please visit our linkedin page.
  • If you are a client: please mail us or make an appointment at our website for more information.

The supervisors are: Leo Harks (head team, clinical psychologist), Anjo van Lieshout (GZ-psychologist), Steven Matthijsen (psychiatrist).

The therapists are: Annick den Hartog (psychologist), Lotte Schulze (psychologist), Dionysia Papavasalieou (psychologist), Anne van Gaans (psychologist), Thomas Achterbergh (psychologist), Justine Kranenburg (psychologist) and Lilia Visser (social worker). We are currently recruiting a doctor, three-four additional psychologists and a GZ psychologist. This will bring our capacity to a total of 700-750 trans people that we have in treatment.

We have also contracted Anouk Balleur, a clinical psychologist, as an external supervisor for intervision and development of expertise for our therapists. She previously worked at the Knowledge and Care Centre for Gender Dysphoria of the Amsterdam UMC and is also affiliated with Youz and teaches at RINO Zuid and RINO Groep.

Futhermore, our healthcare planners are Gerbrich Coehoorn and Mark Hoogendoorn. And for our Quality & Compliance, Iris Botermans is working hard to achieve the best quality for our genderteam.

You can request access to your file via Our care planners will then make your file available for you in the client portal.

We have noticed that sometimes people do not show up at their appointments. This is called a no show. We ask everyone to treat our professionals with the same consideration as they treat you. Therefore, we apply the following no-show policy. The moment you do not show up, the following costs of the session will be charged to you:

  • 1st no show – 10%
  • 2nd no show – 25%
  • 3rd no show – 50%
  • 4th no show – 75%
  • 5th and subsequent no shows – 100%

We are working together on good and accessible gender care. So we are also counting on your commitment during the programme at Genderhealthcare!

For other questions, plan your appointment in our agenda’s: