Genderhealthcare is now open for all trans persons!

Our Promises

Care specifically for you

We work on basis of your genderquest

Care specifically for you

We work with you to deliver tailor-made and specialized care for you. That means you can decide what to do next in your transition.

Based on our online intake and a diagnosis by our Clinical Psychologist, you can start at one of our healthcare tracks. In these four tracks, you will create your transition plan together. After an agreement on the co-created transition plan, you will execute this plan with a specialized psychologist.

If there are no other co-existing problems you can start with the second phase: hormone treatment.

24 hours available

We are giving 24 hours online support to trans persons.

24 hours available

We are giving 24 hours online support to trans persons. Our customer support employees are always available if you need help or want to have contact. Most of our processes are online based and also the communication with our caretakers.

Integral services

We offer all aspects of your change ranging from hormones, surgeries as well as styling your appearance.

Integral services

We offer all aspects of your change ranging from hormones, surgeries as well as styling your appearance. With Genderhealthcare you dont necessarily need to have surgeries to become happy with your gender. Social workers under supervision of a psychologists will give you the guidance you need.

Close at your journey

Genderhealthcare will work with social workers that are located in your region.

Close at your journey

Genderhealthcare will work with social workers that are located in your region. The majority of social workers have a trans background or have trans persons in the proximity. That results in a close at heart approach. Moreover our social workers are located in your region. So within an hour travel you will have your support.

Our services

Do you want to make your journey together with us? Make an appointment!

Frequently asked questions:

The governance of Genderhealthcare exists of:

  • A Board of commissioners (3 members)
  • A Board of directors consisting (4 members)
  • A Client council  (chair + 4 members)

All members will be appointed in the next weeks. The candidates are:

  • Board of Commissioners:  Still interviews with three candidates (chair), and two members
  • Board of directors: Catharina Anastasia Romanova van Oranje-Nassau (legally Visser), Luiza de Oliveira Ferraz, and a vacant position for HR (selection ended), and the clinical director (coming soon).
  • Client council: Chair (Vacant)


Zilverenkruis Achmea has confirmed to process a payment agreement. The other insurance organisation are processing our last data from our businesscase. In the end of this week this is expected to be finished. Our care starts at the 8th of november, so from the start the situation as with Stepwork will be continued. For the not covered part of our bills we will be very lenient towards payment in terms.


We are now negotiating contracts with the healthcare insurance companies for 2022. When closed, this will mean that all costs will be insured.

Because of our planning to start up the treatment for  most clients (those who are in fase 2 and 3) in january and february, we hope that the issue around the coverage will be covered.

Yes. The referrals to other doctors are subject of investigations. We hopefully can announce more information next week friday around this topic.We asked the IGJ and the insurance companies for advice.

We send all institutions that are familiar recently an invite to talk about referrals. Collaborations with some of these organisation is very specifically and goes to the next phase. Besides that we will reconnect old partners of the former Stepwork Transgenderzorg B.V. to make connections again. We also asked the kwartiermaker transgenderzorg to help us to speed things up. Two partnerships are going very well.

There is now one persons connected to our organisation that are on the list of persons who can give this statement. We are currently having one person who  is in three months ready to be accredited to be on the list. As last, we are talking with one person to be connected to our organisation and hope to welcome this person soon.

The owners of Genderness have put themselves € 100.000 into the company and additional € 60.000 will shortly be added to the company. Moreover we are working with a factoring organisation (they take over invoices) so that our liquidity will be covered. As we expect to be profitable (5-8%) from the start the equity will grow in time.

The main differences are:

  • Board of commissioners from the start that supervises the board
  • Board of directors are managerial professionals that have the mission to support the professionals and shape all conditions to make them perform at their best to serve together the clients in the best way
  • Client council from the start
  • External complaint organisation
  • External confidential person
  • Division between general management, financial management and HR.
  • We incorporate experience of trans persons in our professionals by their personal experience to a certain level (friends, family or themselves) so sensitivity will be an integral part of our approach.
  • The founder herself is a trans person herself knowing what it means to be in transition
  • We focus on: diagnosis, transition phase, and lifephase
  • We create 4 healthcare lanes in which people will be helped
  • Our onboarding will be completely automated (expected in Quarter 1 2022 forward)

There are some questions about our location and Locations. From the re-integration company, we work virtually. That means coaches work online and visit clients. Genderhealthcare was an inactive care facility until now.

Since we are in the start-up phase, we are now establishing the locations for as of November 15. We will start with locations in Leiden, Breda, and from January also Groningen (separate location). Later on, new locations will follow in 5 other places. Furthermore, we will work with flexible treatment rooms to be close to the client. New information about the exact locations will follow soon.

Care path 1 – based on your intake you are independent, you can easily oversee the consequences, there are no additional secondary indications and the environment is also good. You then start with the hormones in a maximum of 4 sessions, a maximum of 8 weeks. In these sessions you will make your treatment/transition plan together.
Care path 2 – same starting point as care path 1. However, based on the client’s need, more (self) investigation in collaboration with a therapist.
Care path 3 – based on problems with the social, work, sports environment and / or if there are issues around independence, more time is allocated so that a well-founded treatment/transition plan is in place.
Care path 4 – based on other diagnoses, we look more extensively at what is needed to best go through your transition. This can be, for example, additional therapy and/or training. This is also included in the treatment plan.

In all care pathways, you make the treatment plan/transition plan together with the practitioner and you are supported by the practitioners. You and your practitioner will both sign if you are both convinced that enough thought has been given in all areas. You will also do that later when you move on to phase 2 or phase 3.

The waiting list will be accepted as it is. So every will have their spot on it, how it was at the waiting list of Stepwork Transgenderzorg B.V.

From now on we are open for registration again. Please register in our client portal, via this link After that click on “account aanmaken“. Within 10 working-days you will get the waiting list documents. Once you completed these documents and also uploaded them in the client portal of Genderhealthcare, we will put you at the waiting list. You will get information every 3 months about the organisation and about your place at our waiting list.

The procedure will be as follows:

In november 2021

The team around the Clinical Psychologist will take care of the division of the clients in phase 1.

In december 2021

The clients in Phase 2 and 3 will be contacted, a frequency of meetings will be discussed and they will be matched to one of the social workers.

In january or february 2021

The clients in order of the waiting list will be approached to start the intake proces.

Please contact us at with the topic: “i want to help”.

  • If you are a professional, to see all of our vacancies online please visit our website:
  • If you are a client: please mail us or make an appointment at our website for more information.

Two of the directors are living in Portugal. They travel back and forward to the Netherlands. During the corona crisis they did that every two months to limit traveling. From now on that will be at least once per two (5 days) or three weeks (10 days) to meet the team. As most of people are used to online working that won’t be an issue. We started the whole company up from Lisboa with people in the Netherlands. Moreover the traveling distance between Maastricht and Amsterdam is as far as the traveling time from our house in Lisboa to Amsterdam. We already doing this since 2019, since we met and formed a strong partnership together on both personal as business level.

The directing therapists are: Leo harks (Head Team, Clinical psycholigist), Anjo van Lieshout (Healthcare psychologist). The practitioners are: Laura van Duin (Psychologist), Charlotte Heeren (Psychologist), Annick den Hartog (Psychologist), Lotte Schulze(Psychologist), Justine Kranenburg (psychologist).

We have also contracted Anouk Balleur, Clinical Psychologist, as an external supervisor for intervision and the promotion of expertise of our practitioners. She previously worked at the Knowledge and Care Center for Gender Dysphoria of the Amsterdam UMC and is also affiliated with Youz and teaches at RINO Zuid and RINO Groep.

For other questions, plan your appointment in our agenda’s: