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Our Promises

Tailored genderhealthccare

Our care fits itself around you

Tailored genderhealthcare

We give support to trans- and genderdiverse people in their journey through the transition proces. Together with you and the members of your treatment team, we’ll shape the treatment plan for you. Whether you want to talk to your therapist online, face2face, or a mix of both, is completely up to you. We will adapt to your personal situation as much as possible. We’ll be reachable from 8am to 8pm via the phone for administrative questions and our treatment team is reachable between 9am and 5.30pm


We are driven to deliver gender specialized care


Our organisation is specialized in genderhealthcare. That means that our medical specialist are trained to help trans- and genderdiverse persons. Our organisation is run by people who know the issues trans- and genderdiverse people can encounter first hand.  Our team has a high representation of the LGBTIQAI+ community. With our team we can give you the best genderhealthcare.

Genderhealthcare network

We work closely with partners to deliver outstanding genderhealthcare

Genderhealthcare network

Genderhealthcare is specialized in the medical part of your transition. Together with Genderhealthclinic and other specialized medical care facilities, we offer specialized care for trans- and genderdiverse people. This network of care consists of, among others, Medische Kliniek Velsen Noord, MC Bloemendaal, VUmc and UMCG.

Quality care

Genderhealthcare strives every day to deliver you high Quality care

Quality care

You and your wishes are the core of the healthcare we provide. By listening to the wishes of our clients, we’re able to continuesly improve the quality of care we provide. A client council is being formed, so they can provide us with advice from the client perspective. We are still looking for more members, so feel welcome to contact us if you are interested! The quality of our company is audited half yearly on ISO-standards, based on ZKN-norms, which helps us to keep improving as a care facility.

Our services

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Frequently asked questions:


Health Insurance Genderhealthcare 2023
For the year 2023 we have signed our contract with the following insurers;

  • Achmea/ Zilverenkruis
  • Menzis
  • VGZ
  • DSW
  • CZ
With the following health insurers we will not sign a contract (again) for the year 2023:
  • Eno
  • Zorg&Zekerheid
  • ASR
  • Caresq (EUcare)
  • ONVZ

The tariffs at for our care are based on the standards of the NZA, the Dutch healthcare authority. The tariffs per health insurer can be found in the following overview. Pay attention: With a restitutiepolis or a health insurer that has a contract with us, you will get a full reimbursement of the billed costs. When you have contracted care and a natura or combination polis, you will get a partial reimbursement of the costs. When you have a non contracted health insurer, please read the instructions in the FAQ concerning non-contracted care.

Contact your health insurance directly!
The most direct way of getting information on the healthcare costs and reimbursements is always to contact your Health insurance directly. They can provide you with information based on your policy and are the direct way to any help you might need concerning this subject.

For more information on this subject, check out;  Keuzegids Zorgverzekering 2023 – Trans In Eigen Hand

Every year at the end of the year, we make sure that you, the client, know which health insurers we have a contract with. You will receive this information via the mailing list and it will be on the website as soon as it is known. If you have a contract with a health insurer who does not have a contract with us, it requires a lot of research on your part. Please read the information below carefully;

The rate we charge for care is the rate set by the NZA. The NZA is the regulator of healthcare, which indicates which rates are customary for the GGZ, among other things. Some health insurers apply their own rates, which may differ from the NZA rate. With both a reimbursement policy and a non-contractual policy, it is important for you as a client to find out the following carefully;

  1. What is the rate reimbursed by your health insurer and how does it relate to the NZA rate?
    What percentage does the health insurer reimburse? Is this a percentage of their own rate or of the NZA rate? Note: If the health insurer says they will reimburse 100%, but it is 100% of their own rate and not the NZA rate, it could mean that you still won’t be reimbursed for everything.
  2. If the insurer won’t pay your bill, you, the customer, should contact your health insurer. They may not refuse to explain to you why they refuse to pay. Reasons could be;
    1. An error in their system
    2. Needing an authorisation
    3. Missing information
    4. Changed name after transition
    5. Missing or different gender compared to previous information from your health insurer
    6. Other

You, as a client of your health insurer, can often correct the required information with them. If the health insurer requires additional information from Genderhealthcare, you as a client must request this from us at

We have partnerships with the following partners:

  • Genderhealthclinic
  • MK Velsen Noord
  • MC Bloemendaal
  • Facialteam

We refer to:

  • Genderteam VUmc for gender affirming operations
  • Genderteam UMCG for gender affirming operations

We can issue expert statements from February 2023. Costs for this are:

  • Clients: 75 euros
  • Non-clients: 300 Euros plus 75 Euros.

Locations of Genderhealthcare are:

Until the 1st of April 2023: Kaap Hoorndreef 36, 3563AT
From the 1st of April 2023 untill the end of summer: Niasstraat 1, 3531 WR

Groningen – Paterswoldseweg 806, Ground floor, 9728 BM

If you were treated by a former stepwork, you can contact our healthcare planners via +31 20 2442020.

If you are receiving treatment from another gender team and are having problems, you can also report this to the care planners. They will then see how they can help you further.

Genderhealthcare was founded by Luiza de Oliveira Ferraz and Catharina Anastasia Romanova van Oranje-Nassau. They are the driving force behind Genderhealthcare, and wider behind Genderness. They have gathered around them a team of health professionals, health planners and a quality officer to carry the organisation.

Genderhealthcare has managed to achieve a stable financial and organisational situation – as planned – by the beginning of April 2022. Since then, Genderhealthcare has had a stable financial situation. In addition, the Inspectorate for Health Care and Youth recently issued an inspection report in which it clearly states that it has faith in the directors and the team of professionals that they provide good care with a good organisation, or will improve on the points indicated.

Since 1rst of June 2022 there is a supervisory board consisting of two members: Ron Leenders (chair/ insurance companies/ regulations and rules) and Medi Joon-Teitink (Finance).

You login via this link on to our clientportal.

For help with Genderhealthcare, a referral from a doctor, general practitioner or medical specialist is required. Psychologists can also refer in accordance with the rules of the Mental Healthcare in the Netherlands. We prefer to receive the referral letter digitally via ZorgDomein. Our AGB code is 73736880. The letter of referral can also be sent via zorgmail to or by post to Kaap Hoorndreef 36, 3563AT in Utrecht.

Please include a brief history and also that you are referring for a suspicion of gender dysphoria.

Do you have any ideas you want to share with us, regardering your journey with Genderhealthcare? Is there something missing in the care we provide, that you think is essential? Do you have suggestions on making our locations more reachable or improve its accessibility? Is there any information missing on our website that you think we should add? Don’t hesitate! Get in contact with our quality- and compliance officer Meike van IJzendoorn, by sending her an e-mail or by filling out our VIM Formulier.

Have you encountered a situation in your contact with Genderhealthcare, that has made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? Or are you aware of a situation that you feel requires attention? Please know we find it very important to prevent or resolve any type of these situations, which is why we want to ask you to report them. You can do so by contacting the quality- and compliance officer Meike van IJzendoorn, by sending her an e-mail or by filling out our VIM Formulier.

Genderhealthcare is forming a clientcouncil, to provide them with advice from the clients perspective. This council will consist of members that are currently clients at Genderhealthcare. The council consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members. The council will discuss topics that can improve the quality of the care and the organization itself, with the boardmembers of the company. Currently we have one council member and that’s why we want to ask you to join! Please contact us if you’re interested.

Genderhealthcare heeft een cliëntenraad ingesteld. Deze cliëntenraad bestaat uit leden die bij Genderhealthcare client zijn. De raad bestaat uit minimaal drie en maximaal vijf leden. De cliëntenraad bespreekt met de bestuurder onderwerpen die de kwaliteit van de zorg en de organisatie verbeteren. We hebben nu 1 cliëntenraad lid. We roepen jullie expliciet op deel te nemen in onze cliëntenraad.

The council has been set up per 7th october 2021 and the contract can be found here.

The profile for the chairperson can be found here.

The profile for member of the clientcouncil can be found here.

Recently we have recieved many questions, as to why the right gender is not recorded in all of our dossiers. First of all, we always try to make sure we use the right pronouns in our correspondence with you. We as an organisation find this of the utmost importance. We always motivate our suppliers actively to adress our clients accordingly.
There are however some limitations in the healthcare sector, when it comes to taking care of healthinsurance returns or dealing with any information based on your social security number (BSN). This unfortunately prevents us from always using the correct gender or pronouns in correspondence. This can occur in the following situations:

  1. Making doctors prescriptions with the “Landelijk Schekel Punt”
  2. Sending returns to the healthinsurance.

We have noticed that in these two specific situations, it’s neccessary to refer to the registered gender in the “basisregister”. We’re hard at work with the company that manages our dossiers (Zorgadmin by Prosoftware), to change the registryform for our dossier. We expect to have fixed this by the end of 2022.

Genderhealthcare’s waiting time is now 104 weeks The oldest registration dates from 3 January 2020 and the newest from 6 September 2022.

Because Stepwork went bankrupt and Genderhealthcare did not accept any new clients at the beginning of this year, there have been no new registrations on the waiting list in the period August to March 2022. That is 9 months. Therefore, we count on a waiting time of 104 weeks. In the coming period, we will issue more precise waiting times based on the number of people registered in certain periods.

Then log into our client portal via this link and go through all the steps. Within 10 working days you will receive the waiting list documents. After you have completed these documents and uploaded them to the Genderhealthcare client portal, we will place you on our waiting list. You will receive information about the organisation and your place on our waiting list every 3 months.

We work on the basis of a process. During the intake interviews (2-3), we determine together with you what your level of care is (based on the HONOS+). Based on this, the length of your course at Genderhealthcare is determined together with you. After that, the following healthcare processwill be followed in at least 13 sessions.

You can best reach Genderhealthcare by calling +31 (0) 88 244 8800 020, or via email:

Please contact us at with the topic: “i want to help”.

  • If you are a professional, to see all of our vacancies online please visit our linkedin page.
  • If you are a client: please mail us or make an appointment at our website for more information.

The supervising therapists are: Leo Harks (clinical psychologist), Anjo van Lieshout (GZ-psychologist), Steven Matthijsen (psychiatrist).

The psychologists are: Barbara Loomans (psychologist), Biyanka Jagbandhan (psychologist), Dionysia Papavasalieou (psychologist), Pauline van Uijen (Psychologist), Ednei Soares (Psychologist), Kirsten de Wit (GZ psychologist in training) and Daphne van der Zande (psychologist). We also have a doctor, Anouk Jacobson, in our team.

You can request access to your file via Our care planners will then make your file available for you in the client portal.

We have noticed that dispite making our no-show policy more strict, there are often clients that do not show up to planned appointments without giving notice. That’s why from now on you will get a confirmation of your appointment via email, an extra email as a reminder before your appointment as well as an sms on your phone 24 hours beforehand. This will give you all the opportunities to cancel or reschedule your meeting if this is neccessary. If you do not show up to your appointment and have not given us notice in advance that you won’t be able to attent, we will charge you the full amount of the appointment.

We have to work together to provide good and accesible gender healthcare, which means we also have to count on your participation during your trajectory with Genderhealthcare!

The “Landelijk Kwaliteitsstatuut GGZ’ describes the quality norms a healthcare provider needs to obide to, to be able to coordinate the care for an individual client in mental healthcare (GGZ). It specifies the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the coordinating ‘regiebehandelaar’ and other care providers in the different aspects of the healthcare proces. The qualitystatus of Genderhealthcare is based on this. Via this link you can find the whole document (in Dutch).

Genderhealthcare is part of Genderness. Genderness has set up the following complaints processes for Genderhealthcare, Genderhealthclinic and Gendertalent:

  1. In the first instance, discuss your complaint with your (director) practitioner or (job/career) coach.
  2. If this is not how you want to proceed and you want to file a complaint, you have two options:
    1. Internal complaints procedure: our quality officer will deal with your complaint. This can be done by making a report via the Meldingenformulier ( process is described on our terms and conditions page.
    2. External complaints procedure via the Healthcare Complaints Portal: This organization provides our external complaints procedure based on the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act. You can find this complaints procedure here.
    If you can’t find a solution after that, there is the Disputes Committee. You can find more information about this here.
  3. If both of these options didn’t help you the way you wanted, you can contact the Geschillencommissie. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, call us on +31 88 244 8800 or contact us via with subject: complaints.

You can find our privacy protocol here .

To be able to process all the administration regarding your trjectory, we need to have all the correct information about you as soon as possible. If anything changes in your personal information (gender, name, adress, other) or if you change your health insurance and/or policy, we want to ask you to inform us of this as soon as possible via