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Vannessa’s story

I wish I could express an inspiring and hopeful sentiment to make things easier for you, but I find that rather insincere and unethical. This is because I have come to realize that after this waiting list, there will be another, and after that, another, and then another, and so on. In a sense, to me, life has started to feel like a waiting list in and of itself. Instead, I would love for you to take a look at an inspiring story elsewhere. It is not far, nor hidden, and you can see it in the mirror; it is You. I hope you can see, somewhere in your story, that you realized you deserve the love and acceptance as your authentic self. Therefore, you decided to take a step in the direction of transition, whatever that means for you. I want you to realize the liberation and power in that, as your transition, for the most part, lies in your own hands. Whether that is self-healing, self-exploration, inner work, tapping into the preferred versions of yourself, or taking better care of your body, you have the power to pursue your transition in meaningful ways. With this realization, waiting lists become less impactful and even irrelevant. Nourish You, take care of You, and do what you believed you could only do after starting your transition, because it began a long time ago. See You out there.

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