Mavi’s story

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Mavi’s story

The beginning of my transition it was a different situation I was not in the Netherlands yet I was in Brazil in the process of moving to Belgium. As precarious as the whole situation was, luckily in Brazil I was able to go to the pharmacy and simply buy hormones… After having gone through so much difficulty fighting with my own ghosts until I found the courage to take a step forward, try hormones, transition… Having to wait for the approval of doctors who didn’t necessarily experience my need seemed simply ridiculous, torturous and impossible. I didn’t wait, I went to pharmacies in Brazil and asked friends to bring me hormone medication from Brazil to Belgium. I sought help from other transgender organizations in Belgium and the Netherlands to try to get on with my path while waiting for the official gender health care list. Would this have been the most correct path? I don’t know. This was and has been my path. We cannot isolate ourselves at this time, especially at this early stage of our transition, look for your community, look for people to talk to, look for alternative solutions, don’t struggle alone.

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